My dad Robert has been attending Golden Elders for some time now and BOTH of us love it so very much!! I love the family atmosphere that Lynn provides. It takes a very special person to welcome people into their home on a daily basis and to be a caregiver at that! But Lynn doesn't see it as a job, because she truly understands as she's been thru this before herself.

Lynn related personally with everyone to make us feel at home, and she succeeds. It's just like leaving your kids on the first day of daycare, except it's your mom or dad, who is just as important to us.

I highly recommend Lynn and Golden Elders without hesitation!

Adrienne C.***
Lynn and her staff are the main reason my 89 year young mother loves going to visit with "The Golden Club" (as my mother calls it). I am very happy that my mom feels secure and welcomed each time she visits. Thank you Lynn and all.

Tim S.***
It is a comfort and a blessing to have a place like Golden Elders to take my husband to daily and to know that he is well cared for and involved with stimulating activities during his day there.

Jacquie C.***

We are very happy with the care that Lynn takes to individualize my Mother’s time during the day. From gardening to walking, Mom comes home very content and happy.
Lynn’s energy is contagious.

Carolyn and Fred***

Golden Elders has provided caring Day Care for my wheelchair-bound mother a few times so far. Keeping my mother on her usual daily routine, lifting her for toileting, and making her "a home" away from home made my mother comfortable and put me at ease. Excellent accommodation was made for us as to arrival and departure times too – they aim to please in all ways.

B. Ainsworth***

On visiting Lynn Schopler’s open house introduction to "Golden Elders", I was impressed with the thoughts and planning for clients. Further apparent was her sincere interest in serving this population after her own personal experience caring for family.

My husband, who has Alzheimer’s, has participated in the program part time for five weeks and enjoys the comfortable environment and the variety of activities that Golden Elders offer.

I can enthusiastically recommend this facility to any care givers out there, who seek to offer their family member a safe and stimulating experience away from home.

B. Brubaker***

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Golden Elders to other people who may need adult day care for their senior.

Lynn and her staff are delightful people who always seemed to make my dad happy. They not only allowed me the time to get my business done, they also provided a wonderful diversion and a new adventure for my dad each day he visited. Caring for your senior can become very stressful and it was a blessing for both of us to get a break a couple of times a week.

M. Davis ***

My mom is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s disease. She has always been a very social person and seemed to miss being around people her own age. She looks forward to her visits with the “Golden Girls.” Whether participating in the never ending activities, just spending time in Lynn’s beautiful backyard, or sampling the always fresh baked treats, the time spent at Golden Elders Adult Day Care really lifts her spirits! As her primary caregiver, it is a joy to see her interacting with others in a welcoming and comfortable environment handled by such compassionate professionals.

K. Thill ***

I was having the worst week of my life. My mom, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, was getting to a point where I couldn’t leave her alone for one day without some mishap or trauma. I didn’t know where to turn. Then I remembered how I happened to meet two wonderful women at my children’s school and these women have changed my life.

I have found a fabulous place for my mom to spend time when I cannot be with her. Lynn and Nancy are the most wonderful ladies who run the “Golden Elders” facility for people with cognitive and physical issues due to age. They are very positive and patient with these fragile geriatric people who are in need of a kind face and friendship.

Lynn and Nancy have created a gracious and homey environment which my mom finds very cozy and comforting. My mom’s words are “inviting” and a “home away from home”. Lynn and Nancy’s abilities to stimulate those with memory loss and bring some spirit back into their lives have given me and many others peace of mind. I am confident that my mom is in good hands. And her outlook has improved from doing the hands-on activities that these ladies integrate into their daily routines.

I am so glad I have found a secure place for my mom to go. The “Golden Elders” have saved me from the worries and stress of having a parent with Alzheimer’s.

K. Wolf