Memory Care & Music Therapy Naperville

We see in advertisements or on the internet something called “memory care.” XYZ facility has memory care. What does that mean? At Golden Elders, it is a priority.

Memory Care

We do a lot of reminiscing here! I have magazines, music, and other tools to encourage conversations about the "good old days." 1920s, 30s, 40s…trivia is introduced in different ways, generating stories and past memories. Since I am 65 years old, I also can share my own memories of growing up, which they can relate to!

Memory care for Golden Elders also means creating new memories (even if the memory doesn’t last). Good feelings are the result of: creating, laughing, talking, playing, and eating together. It is my responsibility to keep my guests safe and comfortable, but most of my energy goes to making them as happy as possible. I have the luxury of having "intimate" relationships with my guests. They are my extended family.

Alzheimer’s becomes a "moment to moment" disease. I like to think that we fill their moments with more happiness. Cognitive stimulation is best accomplished through thoughts of oneself in a positive light! Ego integrity enhancement is my personal goal!

Music Therapy

Much like Reminiscent Therapy, Music Therapy generates an enormous amount of joy for most everyone! The highlight of our week at Golden Elders is when Melcy, our piano player, comes. We all get our binders and sing all the oldies.

I also have a 40s radio channel on – when Melcy is not here, which also fuels some “name that tune” challenges! The experts say, that for the elderly/Alzheimer’s sufferers, music is very therapeutic! They remember songs they grew up with very well. It’s their universal language – if you will…uplifting and fun!

Learn more about what makes our memory care different than a typical facility.

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