Caregiving for Aging Parents - a Note to Caregivers

December 2013

Dear Caregivers,

Reflection and planning…the end of a year, but the beginning of a new year. For some it’s a fresh start, for others just time passing. But at Golden Elders, we fill your loved one’s time with FUN!

It’s been 5 years now, since I opened my home to those, who cannot take care of themselves. My vision was born from my Mother passing. I wanted to do something in her honor…I wanted to help others who are going down a similar path that I had just traveled. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is that path.

The medical field points the way; the inevitable is explained. The course of your journey is outlined. Society has supplied the tools, the vehicles sort of speak to facilitate the journey. There are videos, books, “expert” speakers, and organizations here to help, but for the suffering - love is the common denominator.

My vision, with the help of others, is becoming 20/20. I have the extended family that I had imagined. I have the comfort of home with them. Although, not all of my extended family have dementia; most do.

My guests are my focus. I want to enrich their lives, so time is not just “passing.” I want to fill their days with good feelings. BUT like the old saying, “I think they are helping me more than I am helping them.” They give me a little piece of my parents back everyday.

Would you like to join our family? We’d love to have your loved one here to give you respite and maybe the ability to re-charge your batteries.

To help bring Golden Elders’ “vision” into your sights a little more, please read “5-Axis Care” posted on my blog page. (5-Axis Care Blog posting)

Take care-

Lynn Schopler M.S.
Golden Elders, Inc.